Monday, May 16, 2016

Fountain, 2016 : : a Tribute to Dada 1916-2016

Fountain, 2016 : : a Tribute to Dada 1916-2016


Fountain, 2016

Brunnen Brothers Performance Art
a Tribute to Dada 1916-2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

Online Birthplace of Alterism


Dirty Corner, 2011
Performance Art as Chasealias
Wilton, CT USA

Online Birthplace of Alter Art (Alterism)

A great starting point for anyone interested Following, Watching, Understanding and being part of one of Humanities truly rarest occurrences.   A Unique and Rare Culture Mise en Scene, a new movement in Fine Art,. Idea and Culture.  Conceived, Developed and Executed with extreme disciple and intent upon creating social change and possibly even moving a species toward evolved enlightenment.  

Chasealias Ds Pollack

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

chasealias institute: chasealias' the david verse goliath

I am Performance Artist and Alter Artist working primarily online and in Social Media using Online Avatars to question the reality of Identity.  ie. "What's in a Name?"  Performance Art is Considered the Highest and Rarest form of Conceptual Fine Art.  My works are among the first to incorporate the internet as Public Domain to Create Cyber Performance and Public Sculptures.  The works are not dissimilar to that of Banksy.  However, instead of my work being on the side of buildings, it's on IP, and DNS.  Now corporations have two choices.  Maintain and promote my works, becoming heroes and benefactors of the next great movement in the Art world, or destroy my Net Art.  Setting the stage for a David V Goliath Scenario and allowing for my works to be promoted and glorified elsewhere, which I assure you they will.
chasealias::institute:// I am a Performance Artist and Alter Artist working primarily online and in...

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Alter Art Alterism, The 21st Century’s Art Movement

Alter Art Alterism, The 21st Century’s Art Movement

Search for Reason
Creates a System
Explained by Rationale
Becomes the Logic
Supporting Belief
Creating Reason

-Chasealias DS Pollack


ItBe Art is Anything, Anywhere, Anytime as Anyone.

as Zeitgit,


Hilton Garden Inn, West Haven, CT, USA

Times Child, 2016 Zeitgit at Comfort Inn Time Square

Zeitgit Anglers' ItBe Series
ItBe is Anything

Times Child, 2016  Zeitgit at Comfort Inn Time Square

it is (timely), 2016

it is (timely), 2016
ItBe is Anything, http:///
ItBe is Anything

Captured as is: at,

Element New York Times Square West 
311 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018, United States 
(212) 643-0770

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