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Who am I? :: Timeless (Re)Interpretations in Art, Culture and Philosophy :: 00iami00

Who am I?  ::  Timeless (Re)Interpretations in Art, Culture and Philosophy  ::  00iami00

The Psychiatrist's couches of the world are sagging with people who have lost their sense of identity.  They used to feel they were clearly defined entities;  they had cards of identity, they knew who they were.  Now they go to psychiatrists to be told or to find out,  “Who am I?  What should I be Doing?”   -Marshall McLuhan, Take Thirty, CBC Television, 1965

The Story: We waste too much time racing from home to office, says Marshall McLuhan, an English professor at the University of Toronto who's becoming known internationally for his study on the effects of media. Society's obsession with files and folders forces office workers to make the daily commute from the suburbs to downtown. McLuhan says the stockbroker is the smart one. He learned some time ago that most business may be conducted from anywhere if done by phone. McLuhan&#…