DS Pollack's Use of Alter's Question the Reality of Identity in Bugchaser, Who I M Series, 2010-2014

Performance Art Can Sometimes Place the Artist's Vessel in Harm's Way the Sake of Art. -@Chasealias 


The value of "interpretation" is that through it, one might expose reality, or explain oneself. -Ai WeiWei

Who I M Series, 2010 - 2014, 
Affective Memory Screen Capture 
by DS Pollack
Includes Instant Message Conversations.

DS Pollack brings to the Conceptual Art Genre of Performance Art
the Use of Alters, Questioning the Reality of Identity

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  1. Pollack Question's Identity with the Use of Alters. In the Tradition of Performance Artworks like Chris Burden's Shoot and Marina Abramovic's Rhythm the Artist's Vessel Can Often Be Put At Great Risk for the Sake of the Art.

  2. This is an early work of alter art(alter-ism), net art and cyber performance art.
    This is where we begin to see the idea of performance in chat-rooms and with I M conversations.
    The character (Alter) Chasealias began here, on Manhunt.

    However, the concept is relevant to all humanity and is an Emergence Theory in Art and Philosophy.

    A snowflake is to snow
    Human is to humanity
    Patterns seem random, insignificant
    Uniqueness and differences in each
    Unities us and emerges as a Singularity.

    -B. Holden Vance IIi
    alter artist, critic



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